The Microsoft Office is a complete suite  that consists various applications and services. The basic apps like Word, Excel , & powerpoint helps you carry basic operation that you require on daily basis. Users can buy any version of  Office depending upon the your requirement. Before purchasing an Office Setup, you need to make sure:

  • Every system meets the required specifications for that one particular Office subscription
  • No other Office com setup is already installed on your system

After this, you can start to download office,  then installation and activation to complete process. Let’s start now :

Start with Downloading Office Setup

You can download Microsoft Office both Offline and Online. Follow the below steps to download:


  1. First : Sign in to your Office account at
  2. Now , You will be asked to enter the product key
  3. Enter that key and press Enter
  4. Now if you are a new user, then you will have to click “Create an Account”
  5. Now please enter the required details to sign up
  6. From the list of various Office subscriptions, please select your recommended subscription
  7. Now Click Download and wait until the process finishes


  1. Insert the Office CD in drive of your system
  2. Keep Following the on-screen instructions to download the product

In the first case, you will get an Office product key that would  be asked at the time of activation. This will be thru your registered email Id. For any Offline purchase, the product key would be coming with the CD. Keep this key secure .

Second Step : Installing Office Setup

For Windows

  1. Double-click the downloaded Office setup available in the Downloads folder
  2. Click Yes on the prompted window
  3. Wait till  the installation is finished
  4. Click Close

For Mac

  1. Once the Office setup has downloaded to your device. Open the blue face shaped-app, Finder from your Mac’s Dock
  2. Double-click on  the Office setup to start the installation
  3. Click Continue
  4. Now Click Agree then Continue
  5. click Install and enter your Mac password
  6. Click Close to close the window

Activating Office Setup

  1. Open any application and notice the  Office Activation Wizard
  2. Now Enter the Office Setup product key
  3. Keep Following the further instructions to activate the Office product

If needed : Uninstalling Office Setup

To Uninstall the Office Setup from your system,  depends on the kind of installation. In case, you have not installed it, then you have to follow these steps to first know the type of installation. There can are two types of installation:

  • MSI: Microsoft Windows Installer is an old method of installing Office setup through a local installation resource
  • Click-to-Run: It is the latest method of installing and updating Office over the internet.
  • To find out the installation type, do the following:
  • Open the Office application
  • Open File – Account or Office Account
  • If there is “Update Options” available, it means you have installed the setup using Click-to-Run installation
  • If the option is not available, then go for MSI type installation

In case you have click-to-run, before you uninstall the Office setup, you need to log in your Windows account and  follow these steps:

  1. Remove the Windows Installer packages
  2. Remove the Office scheduled tasks
  3. Use Task Manager to end Click-to-Run tasks
  4. Delete the Office services
  5. Now, remove the Office files
  6. Remove Office Registry subkeys
  7. Now, remove Start menu shortcuts
  8. Uninstall the Office. Now press Click-To-Run Licensing Component, Extensibility Component and Localization Component

In case you notice a  MSI type installation, first unhide all the hidden folders and files before starting uninstallation of Office setup. Then follow below steps:

  1. Remove any remaining Windows Installer packages of Office
  2. Halt the Office Source Engine Service
  3. Delete Office installation folders and files
  4. Now, remove the registry subkeys for the Office system

Reinstalling Office Setup

There may be times when you have to move your Office setup to another PC. Then just start with uninstall the Office setup following the aforementioned uninstallation steps and then follow these steps to reinstall on the new device:

  1. Start your new device
  2. Visit to login your Office account
  3. Download your already purchased subscription that you were using on the old PC
  4. Now, install the setup and enter the old product key
  5. It will be install on your new device